Nedland Kultur is a company founded by Sigbjørn Nedland, specialising in cultural projects, such as cross cultural collaborations, musical programs for concerts and festivals, CD productions, music compilation, digitization and organisation of music, copyright issues, and production of song lyrics, books, plays etc. 

The company is based in Norway, but activities are taking place in many countries. Project locations have included Norway, England, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Malawi, Russia, Palestine, Israel, Vietnam and Egypt, and participants in Nedland Kultur projects have come from the above mentioned countries plus Madagascar, Rwanda, Congo, Belgium, USA, Sweden, Canada and more.

Nedland Kultur invites you to explore cultural projects of many kinds in many parts of the world. Below you can find short presentations of some of the main areas of activities, and links to pages with more detailed information about different kinds of projects..


Providing music and artists for the opening ceremony of Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Creating music for the techno- and electronica-interested Norwegian Crown Prince. A Norwegian traditional fiddle player finding familiar tunes in Zanzibar. Digging for gold in Malawian music archives threatened by extinction. Starting the first proper digital studio in Dar Es Salaam and producing new kinds of music there. These are but a few of the international culture projects of Nedland Kultur.

At the core of Nedland Kultur’s activities lies the ambition of uniting and bringing together people from different cultural areas, from different walks of life, from different countries, even from different continents. It is the firm belief of Nedland Kultur that there is always more that unite people of different cultural and/or geographical backgrounds than what divide them. And the differences we do find are not there to be fought, but to be embraced.

Through numerous projects in many different locations, Nedland Kultur has brought people together, inspired them to enjoy getting to know each each other, to learn from each other, and to respect each other. And, together with those involved, we have always found that the best ways to achieve these goals are cultural activities, whereof music is an activity of prime importance.

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Traditional taarab music of Zanzibar with a symphony orchestra. Global artists celebrating 100 years of the Nobel Peace Prize. An eclectic mix of rock and traditional music in a studio in Moscow. Israelis, Palestinians and Norwegians playing together in the same band. Malawian musicians re-discovering their heritage. The international music productions of Nedland Kultur cover a wide range of music styles and geographical locations.

The productions were made in various locations, featuring musicians and artists from several countries. The aim of these projects has always been to bring together different music styles, different cultures, and musicians from different musical backgrounds. Then trying to find a common denominator for their creativity. To expose people to new ways of interacting, new ways of integrating harmonies and rhythms, and to create a coherent musical expression.

Most of the international music productions contain new material, written, arranged and developed in one or more sessions where people from different backgrounds have met to create music together. Some productions also feature already existing pieces of music that have been going through a process of re-interpretations.

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A festival celebrating Vietnamese Culture in Norway.
African musicians in the Far North, inspiring groups of Arcitic youth. A festival performance with music from Sami culture and Rom culture combined. A theatre play about Bob Marley on stage in Oslo with an international cast. Sacred music from several religions co-existing peacefully in a music festival.

As the activities of Nedland Kultur have become known in wider circles, invitations from various institutions and organisations have come to stage events, create special concerts or to participate at festivals. Normally, Nedland Kultur will want to do more than just bring an artist to an event. The ambition is to make something unique, something that would otherwise not have happened.

In most of the events, the participating musicians and artist have been challenged to plunge into new waters, and test their abilities to do something new. It can be to enter new territories stylistically, it can be to travel to new environments, working with new people with a different way of playing music or expressing feelings through music. It can also be to search for some new way of interpreting or developing your own local tradition. A straight performance of what you normally do on stage will not be what Nedland Kultur would normally want you to do.

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Making some of the greatest Norwegian authors into pop-, folk- or jazz-lyricists – posthumously. Transplanting world famous songs into Norwegian – to be praised by the author as the best versions ever. Re-interpreting national treasures of popular songs in a new vernacular – verbally and musically. Making classic children’s songs new and exciting for today’s children. Giving one of Ibsen’s famous characters a new musical voice.

These are some of the Norwegian music productions of Nedland Kultur. Working with many of the most famous and respected artists in pop, rock, folk, jazz and traditional music in the country, the focus has never been to have them reproduce what they normally do in the studio. Rather to challenge them to enter into new areas of expression and interpretation. Like inspiring artists who normally sing in English to venture into Norwegian – even into their own local dialects. Like turning them from contemporary material to classic texts, or to bringing them together with musicians they have not worked with before.

The ambition of Nedland kultur is to open up new areas of experience for performers and audiences alike, and to make something that has never been made before, that can make us experience something new, or to ecperience well known words and melodies in a new way.

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Some of the most influential and most listened to radio shows in Norway. TV series featuring various styles of music. Interviews with many of the very most popular and influential artists in the world over the last 50 years. (George Harrison, Bob Marley, Neil Young, Tina Turner, The Clash, Yussou N’dour and many more). Articles, books, journalist exchange projects, international honorary posts…

In projects of Nedland kultur, during many years as an employee of NRK, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, and as an individual player in the fields of music and culture, Sigbjørn Nedland has been a profiled media worker in Norway. Radio shows like “Pandora’s Juke Box”, Pop Spesial” and “Jungeltelegrafen” became reference shows for Norwegian music audiences from the 1970s up to present.

Nedland also presented TV shows about music, like “Roots” and “Yebo!”, and he has written and translated books, articles, song lyrics and a theatre play. He also initiated and led several projects in the fields of journalism and music.