This is another album of music that was not originally recorded by Nedland Kultur. It is a compilation of tracks recorded at the studios of NRK, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation in Oslo, for the radio show “All Verdens Folkemusikk”. Sigbjørn Nedland was responsible for going through and picking 15 of the recordings of international traditional musicians for this CD, togeter with NRK veteran Lisa Halvorsen (one of Nedland’s role models in radio). She produced most of the tracks on the CD, which also features productions by other NRK profiles, including Nedland.

From 1969 to 1994 the radio show “All verdens folkemusikk” was broadcast weekly by NRK. The show featured traditional and folk music from all over the world, and was part of the family of radio shows by NRK which presented traditional music in many forms. The show was started by Liv Greni before Lisa Halvorsen took over and hosted the show for many years. In many ways this radio show paved the way for later developments in traditional music where musicians from different countries and continents started exploring their traditions together, and played with each other. Many artists from all over the world came to Norway and to the NRK studios to record their traditional music, and in 1997 the idea came up to select some of the best tracks for release.

Lisa Halvorsen contacted Sigbjørn Nedland and invited him to be part of the project. Having for years considered Lisa to be one of his mentors and role models in radio, he was delighted to dig into the treasury of unique recordings that Lisa had made over the years, and together they selected the 15 tracks that would constitute this album, honouring the legendary radio program and its innovative views on traditional music.

Lisa Halvorsen

The 15 artists featured in the album are partly artists from various countries that visited Norway to play concerts, tours or festivals. Lisa Halvorsen would often invite them to the NRK studios to record a few songs, thus building over the years an archive of unique recordings not found anywhere else. During the 25 years that the radio show was on the air, Norway went through a period of rapic changes in demography, as people from many parts of the world came and settled in Norway. Of course some of these were musicians, carrying with them the music traditions of their homelands. They were also invited into the NRK studios, and many of them made their first recordings here, and went on to become famous musicans – in Norway, in their home countries, and internationally.

From top left: Dr. L. Subramaniam (India), Stella Chiweshe (Zimbabwe) and Luzmila Carpio (Bolivia) —- Above, from left: Najava (Madagascar), Kálman Bálogh (Romania) and Katalin Szvorák (Slovakia). —- Below from left: Abdulrahman Surizehi (Balochistan/Norway), Sohrab Faqir (Pakistan) and Javid Afsari Rad (Iran/Norway