1999 – 2000

This album is the result of the second collaboration between Nedland Kultur and singer/songwriter Anne Grimstad Fjeld. It contains 13 songs performed by Anne together with a selection of Norway’s leading musicians from pop, rock, folk and traditional music. Producer Sigbjørn Nedland of Nedland Kultur  followed up the production from idea through the final mix and mastering.

Anne Grimstad Fjeld is a singer who writes her own, personal lyrics, reflecting her view of life and events, seen from her point of view, as a woman in today’s Norwegian society. She is also often inspired by cultural and rural history, by nature, and by stories, beliefs and philosophy from popular tradition. She has had a long lasting collaboration with musician and composer Egil Ødegård. He is a guitarist who operates in a landscape of popular music, strongly influenced by traditional and folk music, especially Irish traditions. He has written the melodies to all the songs on the Tein-album.

The album was recorded in three different studios in Oslo: Oslo Lydstudio, Ingar Helgesen Lydstudio and Lydlab, studio 2. Some of Norway’s leading musicians participated. Nedland Kultur was involved in the production from an early stage, as a consultant when songs were still being developed, through production up until the finishing mix, that Sigbjørn Nedland did with sound engineers Mike Hartung and Jon Marius Aareskjold.

From top right: Hilde Heltberg, backing vocals, Eivind Aarseth, guitars and Lena Rist-Larsen, accordeon,

Below: Håvard Haugen, guitars, Edvard Askeland, bass, Per Hillestad, drums and percussion