1996 – 1997

This album came about after the singer/songwriter team of Anne Grimstad Fjeld and Egil Ødegård contacted Nedland Kultur with a batch of newly written songs for children, with nature and animals as a recurring theme. Nedland Kultur facilitated contacts with a record company and with the Children Programs Departement of NRK, Norwegian Broadcasting,  suggesting that they should make a TV series based on the songs. NRK agreed. With all this in place, the production of the music could commence.

The songwriter team of Anne Grimstad Fjeld and Egil Ødegård worked in the classic Tin Pan Alley tradition with the material for the “Seljåsen” album: Anne writing all the lyrics, and Egil composing all the music. He also arranged the music, and a broad selection of musicians covering everything from folk to jazz to pop/rock to classical and traditional music were brought to the studio. No less than 19 musicians participated in the recordings, which were produced by Sigbjørn Nedland in NRK’s studio 20 with Øystein Halvorsen as the main sound engineer.

From left: Anne Grimstad Fjeld, Egil Ødegård, Øystein Halvorsen.

The album got its name from the farm where Anne Grimstad Fjeld lived with her family, and where she found inspiration to write about the animals – wild and domestic – that they encountered at the farm. The songs are small portraits of various animals, with verbal descriptions, and with melodies, arrangements and soundscapes that undeline the character of each animal. The songs were later released in a book format, and the songs also came to form the basis of a TV series for children, where Anne’s two sons played an important part.

Below: The Seljåsen book, and one of the TV episodes