1996 – 1997

This album is the first of several albums with music and songs for children from Nedland Kultur. NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) asked Sigbjørn Nedland to make a selection of songs from the radio show for called children “Barnetimen for de minste” , and from the general heritage of Norwegian children’s songs. The idea was to celebrate the show wiht new, updated versions of the songs. As Nedland had himself grown up listening to this show almost daily from an early age, and as he had himself, in his capacity as radio producer, been responsible for a few series for the show, the decision to say yes to the challenge was very easy.

22 Norwegian artists agreed to take part in the project, and Nedland Kultur started organising recordings – mainly at NRK studio 20, but also in various other locations. Participants included Morten Harket, singer of the world famous group a-ha, and Karin Krog, Norwegian jazz diva who has been a Down Beat poll winner, European jazz artist of the year, and who is knighted by the King of Norway for her achievements. Other artists include internationally renowned artists Bel Canto and Mari Boine. plus many of the country’s most popular and respected artists, like Bjørn Eidsvåg, Steinar Albrigtsen, Eriksen, Dum Dum Boys and many more.

Below from left: Morten Harket, Karin Krog, Bel Canto, Mari Boine.

Norway has a large catalogue of children’s songs, and a careful selection of songs for the album included everything from lullabies and well known songs from tradition, to songs written specifially for the radio show “Barnetimen for de minste” by some of the best known presenters/singers/storytellers associated with this radio show by generations of Norwegians..

From left: Anne Cath Vestly, Alf Prøysen, Torbjørn Egner – three of the biggest profiles of “Barneteimen for de minste” . Right: Kids listening to Barnetimen for de minste. A survey in 1953 showed that 94% of Norwegian children listened to the show!

Some of the songs on the album “Kvirre virre vitt” were songs are closely linked to the radio show “Barnetimen for de minste”. Many songs were introduced to the public through that show, and songs like “Teddybjørnens vise” and “Det snør det snør” are all time favorites that got totally new and updated presentations, and were embraced by both the children of 1997, and bythose who had grown up with the songs. All artists were encouraged to interpret songs in their own musical vernacular – whether they were songs specifically written for the radio show, or songs from the general tradition of childrens’s songs in Norway. The result was a modern, vibrant and positive album with fully contemporary music.

The blues group Good Time Charlie made a video of their song on the album. The video was shown on NRK’s Children’s TV.