1996 – 1997 This album came about after the singer/songwriter team of Anne Grimstad Fjeld and Egil Ødegård contacted Nedland Kultur with a batch of newly written songs for children, with nature and animals as a recurring theme. Nedland Kultur facilitated contacts with a record company and with the Children Programs Departement of NRK, Norwegian […]


1998 – 1999 In 1999 the radio show “Barnetimen” (Children’s Hour) of NRK celebrated an increcible 75 years. It had been on the air each Saturday afternoon since 1924. Having been himself a contributor to the show, Sigbjørn Nedland was honored to be asked to put together an album of new recordings of songs from […]


1999 – 2000 “Terje Vigen” is a dramatic poem by world famous Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen (second most played in the world after Shakespeare). It describes the dramatic saga of Terje who, during the Napoleonic wars, tried to run the British blockade of Norway’s southern coast in a small rowboat to provide food for his […]


1999 – 2000 This album is the result of the second collaboration between Nedland Kultur and singer/songwriter Anne Grimstad Fjeld. It contains 13 songs performed by Anne together with a selection of Norway’s leading musicians from pop, rock, folk and traditional music. Producer Sigbjørn Nedland of Nedland Kultur  followed up the production from idea through […]


2000 – 2001 This is another literary music project from Nedland Kultur. Vilhelm Krag (1871 – 1933) is seen as the poet that defined the southernmost part of Norway in his poems. His descriptions of people and nature and mores of the coastal areas around the town of Kristiansand formed people’s perception of this part […]


2001 – 2002 This is a weird one! Nedland kultur was contacted by two writers having selected poems that would complement each other, and form the basis for a music album. Melodies had been written and demo recordings made. Could we finsih this one together? The answer was yes, the poems and the melodies are […]


2004 – 2005 This album combines the categories of “childrens songs” and “music & poetry”. Henrik Wergeland is probably  the major contender for the title “National Poet of Norway” He lived from 1808 to 1845, and wrote many kinds of literature – including poems for and about children. Cultural entrepreneur May Britt Haug approached Nedland […]


Although the main focus of Nedland Kultur has been international projects, the small one-man company has also been involved in many Norwegian music projects, particularly music productions resulting in albums of music. These range from childrens songs to projects combining literature and music, productions highlighting new combinations of musical styles, as well as  albums featuring […]


1997 This is another album of music that was not originally recorded by Nedland Kultur. It is a compilation of tracks recorded at the studios of NRK, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation in Oslo, for the radio show “All Verdens Folkemusikk”. Sigbjørn Nedland was responsible for going through and picking 15 of the recordings of international traditional […]


1997 – 1999 The combination of the electronic “trance music” of the Norwegian duo Acid Queen, and the Tanzanian taarab traditions of the Dar Es Salaam groups  Egyptian Musical Club and Sisi Kwa Sisi became “Tranzania”, an experiment in musical integration of various musical styles and influences. Nedland Kultur wanted to challenge stereotypical thinking about […]